• Matthew Ryan

Three Players that Have Exceeded Expectations Mid Way Through the NFL Season

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Adrian Peterson:

Former 2012 NFL MVP and Offensive Player of the year Adrian Peterson has looked amazing throughout his first eight games of the 2018 NFL season. The Redskins running back has not produced well during his last two season combining for just 679 scrimmage yards and just two touchdowns in thirteen games played. With Peterson getting up there in age it seemed like his career was coming to an end, but all he needed was a fresh start with a new team. In the eight games Peterson has played with the Redskins he has scored five touchdowns and racked up 771 yards from scrimmage. Peterson looked washed up but midway through the 2018 season he has shown he still has gas left in the tank.

Patrick Mahomes:

The second-year quarterback from Texas Tech University is having a year that nobody expected, not because nobody thought he was going to be good but because he is having one of the best years for a quarterback in NFL history. After playing behind Alex Smith last year and learning from a quarterback-friendly coach in Andy Reid, Mahomes took into the role of being a franchise quarterback. Through Mahomes first nine starts he has put up a ridiculous twenty-nine touchdowns and only seven interceptions while leading his team to an 8-1 record. Mahomes is playing at an MVP level right now which no one thought would be happening in just his first year as a starter.

James Conner:

After playing his rookie year behind star running back Le'veon Bell, James Conner has taken over the starting running back spot with Bell sitting out. Last year, Conner had only 144 yards rushing and zero touchdowns. Going into the season James Conner had very big shoes to fill but he delivered. In Conners first eight games, he has ten total touchdowns and 1085 total yards. Conners performance so far this year has been surprising to everyone, with Leveon Bells playing status being unknown the second year running back James Conner has stepped up and gone way beyond his expectations coming into the 2018 NFL season.


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