• Matthew Ryan

Three Teams That Have Disappointed so far in the 2018 NFL Season

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Going into the 2018 NFL season there were high expectations for some teams but a few of those teams have not lived up to their hype thus far. Here are the three teams that have been the most disappointing going into week eight.

3. Atlanta Falcons

After making it to the super bowl two years ago and making it to the playoffs last year expectations were high for the Falcons coming into the 2018 season. The Falcons defense has been plagued with injuries and that's where they have struggled. Their defense is ranked 29th in the NFL in yards per game, giving up 417.2 yards a game and is the fourth-worst scoring defense, giving up thirty-two points per game. The Falcons are 3-4 which is not what was expected to come from a team with so much success recently. In such a strong division the Falcons have a lot of ground to makeup and a slow start to the season is not what they're looking for if they want to make a run at the playoffs.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

In 2017 the Jacksonville Jaguars were one game away from being in the super bowl but fell short to Tom Brady and the Patriots in the AFC championship game. Going into the 2018 season it looked like the Jaguars could make another playoff run with a more experienced team. Last year the Jaguars had a sub-par offense but their whole team was built around their elite defense that was lead by all-pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey. This year, the offense looks even worse than last year, with star second year running back Leonard Fournette out with a quad injury and quarterback Blake Bortles looking like a backup and even getting benched mid-game in week 7. At 3-4 the Jaguars are not where they would like to be, they are not living up to the expectations set for them going into the 2018 season thus far.

1. Philadelphia Eagles

Coming off their first super bowl victory in franchise history, the expectations for the Eagles going into the 2018 NFL season were high. With pro bowl quarterback Carson Wentz coming back, along with Jordan Hicks, Jason Peters, and Darren Sproles, the Eagles are looking to be the first team since the 2004-05 Patriots to win back to back super bowls. The Eagles have not looked good through seven games, starting the year with a 3-4 record. The Eagles secondary has been getting torched all year long and the offense has not looked like the offense that was third in the NFL in scoring last year. The Eagles are in a weak NFC East, so their playoff chances are not done yet but they need to make vast improvements if they want to live up to the expectations and make another playoff run.


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