• Zach Yaqub

Best MLB Player At Each Position (NL)

Left Field - Juan Soto

The world watched Juan Soto dominate the 2019 postseason. Juan Soto put D.C. on his shoulders last October. He slew the dragons hitting home runs against Clayton Kershaw, Ryu, Verlander, and twice off Gerrit Cole. Every pitcher he took deep received Cy Young votes. (3 of them won first-place votes) He made a big jump in his defensive ability and was a gold glove finalist. His plate discipline and baseball I.Q. are unbelievable for his age. This young star is only 21 and is bound to win an MVP before he turns 25. 

Runner Up: Ronald Acuna

Centerfield - Cody Bellinger

Coming off an MVP season Cody is the meaning of a five-tool player. There is nothing he can't do in the game of baseball. His first 50 homer season won't happen this year due to the shortened season. But he will undoubtedly lead the N.L. in home runs regardless of how many games are squeezed in. Shockingly his defense might be almost as good as his offense. His 9.0 war was the highest for a National League hitter since Bryce in 2015. Cody looks to lead a stacked Dodgers team to a title in 2020. 

Runner Up: Lorenzo Cain

Right Field - Bryce Harper

"OVERRATED"! Bryce Harper is called overrated so much that I think he might be underrated. Harper has averaged 33 home runs a year with a .402 OBP in his last five seasons. While he might be one of the most streaky players to play the game, nobody can deny he can take over a ballgame. Harper never shies away from the spotlight, and no moment is too big for this 27-year-old. He was well on his way to the second MVP award in 2017 before a hyperextended knee ended the rest of his regular season. He slugged .882 in the 2014 postseason, and a Bryce Harper signature postseason moment is coming. 

Runner Up: Christian Yelich

First Base - Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman is an all-star, silver slugger, gold glover, defensive player of the year, and leader. Freddie has always been a patient hitter and is finally finding his power at the plate. In 2019 he broke with a career-high 38 home runs. Freeman is a career .293 hitter who plays exceptional defense for a first baseman. He has accumulated 35 wins above replacement, and the best is still yet to come from this 29-year-old.

Runner Up: Max Muncy

Second Base - Ketel Marte

Marte had a year to remember. He was selected to be an all-star for this first time. He batted .329 with 77 extra-base hits on the season. He surged to a career-high .592 slugging percentage. He is a plus defender, and with a .412 playoff batting average, he looks to lead the Diamondbacks to a playoff series win.

Runner Up: Ozzie Albies

Shortstop - Javier Baez

Javier, Harper, and Trout are the three most exciting players in all of baseball. He didn't shy away from the big stage in 2016 and was named NLCS MVP in a great series against the dodgers. Baez is the most versatile player in the national league. You can't say enough about Javier's ability to make plays defensively. He is a highlight machine with the glove and on the basepaths. He has the potential to hit 40 home runs, and I can't wait to see him play again this year. 

Runner Up: Trea Turner

Third Base - Nolan Arenado

Nolan has carried a mediocre Rockies team since he burst onto the scene in 2013. Looking past the Coors Field affect this guy can still smash baseballs. In his last five seasons, he has hit over 35 home runs. He hits for power and average. From 2015 to 2017, he drove in 393 runs. He hasn't batted below .287 since his rookie year. His defense is remarkable no matter what field he is playing at. Arenado is searching for his first NL MVP after receiving votes for the last five years. 

Runner Up: Justin Turner

Catcher - J.T Realmuto

Defense first, offense second. That is how catchers are meant to operate. J.T. is no exception. His stellar defense last year is shown with his league-leading 47 percent caught stealing percentage. He can still handle the bat too. A career .278 batting average is sensational for a catcher. Coming off two straight 20 plus homer seasons, J.T is the national league's best catcher. He and Harper look to seize control of the N.L. east in 2020. 

Runner Up: Wilson Contreras

Starting Pitcher - Jacob DeGrom

Jacob DeGrom doesn't get the credit he deserves. He is overshadowed at times by big-name players like Gerrit Cole. DeGrom has had a better ERA than Gerrit Cole all six years in the big leagues. Gerrit Cole also had a much better bullpen. The relievers who come in after you affect your ERA, so that makes it even more impressive. DeGrom is a back to back Cy Young winner and looks to make it three this year. 

Runner Up: Max Scherzer

Relief Pitcher - Josh Hader

Hader was terrible in last year's wild-card game. In the wild 8th inning of last year's wild card game, he hit one batter, walked one and gave up two hits. He couldn't find his slider, and the Nationals sat fastball and got it. However, a pitcher is not defined by one inning. Hader is a strikeout king and had been lights out in the playoffs up until last postseason. He had ten postseason innings, allowing no runs and no walks on five hits. Hader holds a career .81 WHIP and is looking for a 150 strikeout season. 

Runner Up: Kirby Yates


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